One Senior Care

One Senior Care is the nation’s leading PACE provider to rural and Appalachian communities. We have uniquely created reliable care that addresses several challenges faced by these communities. By bringing comprehensive healthcare services to underserved regions, we can help overcome barriers such as limited access to healthcare facilities, shortages of healthcare professionals, and transportation difficulties. Additionally, our program can alleviate the financial burdens associated with healthcare costs for seniors in these areas, ensuring they receive the necessary care without facing financial hardships. Through our community-based approach, we can also tackle social isolation and loneliness often experienced by seniors in rural settings, fostering a sense of belonging and providing much-needed social support. Together, we strive to eliminate healthcare disparities and improve the well-being of seniors in rural and Appalachian areas, ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

Mission & Vision

At One Senior Care we aim to improve the quality of life for seniors in all that we do by supporting PACE programs in historically underserved and rural communities. We envision a world where all seniors, especially those in underserved communities, have access to comprehensive, person-centered healthcare and social services that allow them to live safely and independently in their homes. We leverage the intelligent application of leading-edge technology to address the challenges and nuances faced by rural, underserved, and Appalachian communities. Our highly collaborative teams continuously strive for innovation through a comprehensive care model which values the contributions of caregivers, families, and supporters for our participants.